Step into the world of Justin and Thomas, where friendship, family, and a shared passion for gardening have sprouted a green revolution. As entrepreneurs and devoted family men, Justin and Thomas found themselves united by a common challenge – the cumbersome process of assembling raised bed gardens. It was during Justin's quest to expand his garden that the spark of innovation ignited.


For a year, these two friends dedicated themselves to the pursuit of a solution. Meetings with design engineers and countless prototypes later, they unveiled a raised bed that shattered the barriers of complexity. Now, anyone could assemble it in less than 10 minutes, without the need for tools. This breakthrough marked the birth of Gro-Rite, a company founded on the principle of making gardening accessible, enjoyable, and efficient.


Beyond the business, Justin and Thomas are fathers and husbands who cherish their families. Their shared values of hard work, gratitude, leaving things better than they found them, and doing the right thing permeate every aspect of Gro-Rite. On their "About Us" page, you'll find more than just a business story; you'll find a testament to the importance of family and principles.


Gro-Rite, as the name suggests, is more than a company; it's a mission. The mission to create innovative garden products for gardeners, by gardeners. Justin and Thomas invite you to unearth the gardener inside you, embracing a journey of growth and connection with nature. Join them in cultivating not just gardens but a community that values the earth and leaves a legacy for the next generation of gardeners.